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Note for PDA Users offers a simple management system for electrical safety test data. It can be used with any appliance tester (such as those supplied by these common vendors) and any tagging system ; all that is required is a simple Pass or Fail determination that is compliant with safety testing standards in your area. Information about a test is entered directly into our online secure SQL database. Data entry screens are designed with a screen resolution suiting inexpensive portable wireless PDA devices such as the iPAQ™. The only requirement is a functioning Internet browser! The use of portable low cost wireless access points is an ideal way to provide Internet connectivity to portable devices. These access points can be temporarily connected (as a secure private network) to your company's network, providing wireless coverage to a wide area where a number of tests are being performed. This will provide the Tester with direct access to manage electrical safety testing information. Follow the “Test Drive Now” link on this page and see just how simple it can be to control your test data! Remember, the system can be used on any device connected to the Internet….. Use your desktop computer, use your notebook computer or if you must, use a pad of paper, jot down the required information (forms are provided here), and enter the data back in the office or at home! If you have a network connection in your workplace why not use it?  Direct online data entry, especially using wireless technology, will save time and money. This solution is particularly ideal for schools, universities, government department and large offices - wherever there are large numbers of test or retests to be performed.  




 How Does it Work? - See how this solution can make electrical safety testing more efficient in your organization. Test drive now and experience the advantages of for yourself now!
bullet No special user software required, just use your Internet browser!
bullet No local server or database required
bullet Online "single point" data entry management
bullet Excellent retest management and reporting capabilities - including the capability to email Testers "retest due" item lists
bullet Online Administration functions allow the customization of menu screens to suit your organisation
bullet Designed for an absolute minimum number of keystrokes per entry - enabling significantly faster test turnaround times
bullet Menu screens designed and sized to support wireless PDA devices - a great method when many items require testing in one area
bullet "Failed" item management incorporated within the system
bullet "Short Term" item management also incorporated within the system
bullet Only Pass-Fail information is required from the testing device - useable with any appliance tester and tagging system
bullet Data Base conversion (from older test databases) available on request
bullet Suitable for the vast majority of electrical safety testing

hp iPAQ™ pocket PC a product of  Hewlett-Packard


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